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[PyrNet-L] Nationals

Thanks so much for putting the list back up.It's a wonderful forum and would 
be missed so much.
The GPCA Nationals were a lot of fun.This is only the second one I've been to 
and I recommend it to anyone that wants several straight days of breathing 
dog hair and powder and talking dogs,dogs,dogs.It was really fun.
One real highlight was seeing Nancy and David Kintsfather and Klondike.Taking 
nothing away from the beautiful veteran bitch she showed against Klondike was 
a clear crowd favorite.She toured the ring with grace and elegance,groomed to 
pyrfection by Dave Simons,applauded every step by her fans.There were more 
than a few wet eyes in the room.Dad David made it around ok too.It was really 
very special.