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Re: [PyrNet-L] Happy Easter

<<Happy Easter From Hairy the Easter puppy, and his pets, the Rognlie family.


What a cutie! 
Panda says Hairy looks miserable, but I think she's just afraid we'll put 
bunny ears on her......

Happy holiday to all, whatever holiday you celebrate! Like my friend Reina 
said when someone wished her a Merry Christmas (not realizing she's Jewish),

 "Any holiday where people are happy and wish each other love and happiness 
is one I'm perfectly happy to celebrate, dear"

May we all, like Reina, live to be 85, with such a perfectly wonderful 
outlook and attitude.

Stay safe!
The Hubbell-Gasaways

P.S. Does Hairy lay colored eggs? Since he's white, does he only lay white 
easter eggs? Does he cluck, like the Cadbury bunny? Hmmmmm......