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[PyrNet-L] A Funny Thing Happened This Morning

While I mostly Lurk on this list, I do enjoy reading about everyone's
Pyr's. This morning something happened that I just had to tell about.
Boomer (Pyr) was coming up from the pond behind the hay barn. He
was walking up the dirt road that goes from the hay barn to our
house. Well, right behind him was a Canadian Goose. Boomer
would stop and look at her and she would stop. Boomer would begin
to walk and she would proceed to follow him - all the way to the house!
When Boomer got to the house, he jumped into the back of my husbands
Ranger and turned around and looked at the goose, then laid down. The
goose just stood there at the truck and looked at him! We wondered if
he had busted up her nest or something - it was a very funny sight!