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[PyrNet-L] Introduction

Hi Folks, I am new to the List and I have no idea if I am posting this
message correctly.  I guess if you are reading it, I am!!

Just a quick introduction from myself, my two Pyrs 'Halley' (5yrs) and
'Milou' (5 months) and my Dalmatian 'Cookie' (4 yrs).  I live just outside
of Canberra in Australia.  Not that many Pyrs in this area (although Emily
will be adding one more to the numbers very soon when her new baby arrives
home - from the same kennel as Milou incidentally).  Halley, my first Pyr
and special pet, was bred by the Doughan's (Pyrgold) who also bred 'Leo' -
now making his home in parts northern.

I work as a Speechwriter in Canberra (its a Government town!) and in my
spare time, teach obedience and agility, sit on the committee of my dog
training club (The ACT Companion Dog Club - over 1000 members and some of
the best training facilities in the southern hemisphere, if not the world
(only partially a brag)) and am Secretary of the Dalmatian Club of the ACT.
With the time I have left, I train and show my own dogs! As you can see, I
keep pretty busy.

I am looking forward to reading what you all have to say and perhaps posting
a note occasionally myself once I get the hang of things.

Cheers to you all from 'Down Under'.

Tracy Bassett
Canberra, Australia