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[PyrNet-L] CHAT, EVENTS: Clondike does Chicago (fwd)

Dear Pyrnet Folks,

The message below was posted while PyrNet was still down.  As you may have
seen, Clondike is doing very well since showing in Chicago, but some of
you missed the story of the show and the many people who made it
possible--so here it is--better late than never.

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Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 18:07:21 -0500
Subject: CHAT, EVENTS: Clondike does Chicago

Well, folks, Clondike Blanche Neige, CGC, TDI,VA showed in Veterans at the
GPCA National and had the distinction of being the oldest Pyr entered by 3
days!  She placed 2nd in a class of 2, but she had a great time and met a
lot of great people.  Not too shabby for a puppy mill dog from KS who had
never apPyred in a point show before (handled by a terror-struck human who
also had no prior show experience).  Clondike might have showed with a tad
more pizzaz if the ring time hadn't been 8:30 am--NOT a morning dog!

The Chicago Club put on a fantastic show!!!!  Thanks folks.

Special thanks to:

Tami McKenna for an amazing floral arrangement featuring fresh
brussels sprouts (photos to appear soon on Penny Pyrbred's Web Page).
Also for taking great photos which she had developed and mounted in a
handsome album by the time the banquet started Saturday night.

Mary Beth Vaudrin (spelling may be wrong--sorry) who produced
pins featuring brussels sprouts which she distributed to Clondike's fan
club.  It seemed they were everywhere!!

Dianne Migas for flying out at the last minute and kidnapping Barb Bowes
to come along.  It was even more special a moment when shared with these
devoted Clondike supporters.

Buff Boy (Gunner Migas) for the dozen roses that arrived the night before
the show to cheer on Ms. Clondike.

The judge for treating Clondike with respect.

Lara Spears and La Neige for providing classy competition.

Dave Simon for grooming Clondike so she looked SOMETHING like a show dog
and felt MUCH more correct.  She really looked magnificent!!!!

Barb Bowes for last minute handling instruction.  More was needed, but it
was a great help.

Janet Ingram for general moral support and advice.

Everyone who cheered and then gathered around to photograph Clondike
munching brussels sprouts--it looked like the crowd around Lindberg when
he arrived in France!  Clondike graciously consented to a "photo op" at

All the list members who have helped us deal with a really rocky 10
months--your support has meant more than we can ever tell you!!!

And finally (well, I probably will think of others to add--I'm really
tired), the vets and research scientists who have developed the treatments
for lymphoma that have given us an additional 10 months (AND COUNTING--to
my touch she is still in full remission) of time with our girl.

Nancy is already talking about CA next year.  Pretty unlikely, but with
Clondike you just never know!!

David, Nancy and Clondike (show dog for a day)

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