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Re: [PyrNet-L] CHAT update


     The reason I did not make it on was that it was at 10 pm here
(EST) and I had to get ready for work and put all the dogs out.  Is it
possible for the next chat to be a little earlier?  I really wanted to
join but couldn't  :(  Just a thought.

Alison & Merlin

--- Sharon J Armstrong <sharonja@direct.ca> wrote:
> I think I might have started something here!!  We
> are chatty, aren't we!
> Sorry to those who couldn't get into the Delphi
> site..apparantly some did,
> and some didn't.  Had a great chat.  Talked to Pyr
> people in Mississippi, 2
> in Oregon, Missouri, Wisconsin, and New Jersey. 
> What fun!!  I will try it
> again in 2 weeks.  
> Sharon J. Armstrong
> asitapyrs@idmail.com