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[PyrNet-L] Re: Chat: heavy dogs! Dog ramps

Janice wrote:
<<I have tried this a number of times since I found your site and it never
works. After you click on "For Your Dog" or any other topic and then it goes
to a site that shows a grid with items listed in different squares. What
then? If you click on the items mentioned in the squares, nothing happens!
Any suggestions?>>

I don't know if this will matter, but what browser are you using to access
the site?  I can get in just fine with Netscape 3.01 and with Internet
Explorer 4.0.  It may be that if you're using an older version of a browser
that doesn't support certain newer HTML or Java functions, you won't be able
to view the site properly.  Also, there are alot of pictures of items on
certain pages so it may just mean waiting an extra minute or two for them to
load.  If you want to email me privately to try to figure this out, feel

FWIW, I do have the extra large dog ramp for my Shelly (who just turned 11)
and it's wonderful.  She doesn't jump much anymore because of her age, but
she walks down the ramp like as if she were a queen.   :-)

Karen Reiter