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[PyrNet-L] Sprintime grooming, and romps in the sun!

   Well, we are finally having our nice spring weather here in western 
Washington state!!  
   Today I decided to do a thorough grooming and try to get as much of that 
winter coat out as possible for our two dogs.  Well, Albert has Spring Fever 
BAD!!  I brush and brush with the mat rake and the minute he gets the chance 
he rolls and rolls and gets all kinds of debris all over his coat!!  He is so 
funny!! He rolls and makes all kinds of sounds as he rolls around on his 
back.  He is really loving this weather!! I never did get done!!  Decided to 
wait until after he's worn himself out some more!  Got most of it done now!! 
    Got a few hanging suet holders to put the dog hair in. Then the birds can 
grab some for nest-building when they want some.
    Spent the day at the beach the other day!!  Both dogs loved the romp in 
the water!!  Mattie was slower to take to the water than Albert, but this was 
her first time at the beach.  She watched Albert romping and soon decided to 
check it out. Then they had fun in the water together. The jet-skier did get 
them both riled up, though!  They were fascinated, but respectful of the skin 
divers, too.  Had a moment's panic when a Rottweiller that kept barking at 
them pulled out of his collar and took off. He just went over to their other 
dog, though. (Whew! Relief!)
    Anyone see the dog Howdy that wind-surfs with his owner on the TV show  
"America's Greatest Pets" last night?? He was a Lab-Basset hound mix and he 
loves to stand on the front of the wind surfing board while they wind surf 
together!!  The owner used to tie him up while she wind surfed. One day he 
pulled out of his collar as she was heading out and he jumped right on the 
front of the board and acted like he had no intention of getting off and like 
he had decided that was where he belonged and intended to remain. So from 
then on he has joined her!!  It was great! He has his own custom made wet 
suit, too!
 Janice Vocke
 Shelton, WA.