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Re: [PyrNet-L] sickness after x-ray

On 24 Apr 99, at 15:35, LisaPyr1@aol.com wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone who has had their dogs OFA'd had the dog get
> sick the day after if happened?  My nine month old pup was X-rayed  on
> Thurs and now she is sick and not moving, or eating.  She is drinking.
> Could this be sickness after being partially put under? 

Lisa, my first reaction would be the dog is having a reaction to 
either the sedation or anesthesia if  that was used for the films.  I 
would get her back to the vet pronto. Be sure to question the vet 
about what type of sedation was used, if the dog was weighed before 
and if sedation was 'given to effect only'.  Pyrs and large breed 
dogs can be sensitive to anesthesia.

Taos, New Mexico