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[PyrNet-L] RESCUE, CARE, CHAT: Dakota is home!!

    Just heard that Dakota, Albert's dad,  who had been lost since Sunday 
night a week ago, has been found!!  A neighbour of theirs saw him and called 
his owner, but he was out looking for Dakota. Then she called his cellular 
number and Sean immediately went and got Dakota.  That's all I know at 
present. But Dakota is back home!!  Just had to let you all know and thank 
everyone for their thoughts and prayers!!  So nice to have a happy ending!!  
Going to call and see how he is and how far from home he was and if he was 
heading in the direction of home when found. Again many thanks to all, and 
especially to those who offered very good advice on finding lost dogs!!

:)  &  :)```   (me grinning & Albert grinning & drooling!)

Janice Vocke
Shelton, WA.