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Re: [PyrNet-L] Artwork

There is a artist in the area I know that does beautiful artwork at a very
reasonable price, particularly when you take into account that she is here
in Canada.  With the exchange her prices are particularly good.  She also
owns Pyrs and has a knack of capturing that wonderful expression we all love
about this breed.

You can contact her at standingoak@sympatico.ca

Hope this helps.

Take Care,
Doug Hustins
Acroyar Great Pyrenees

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> I am currently trying to get a little decorating done. I was wondering if
> anyone know of any web sites or cataloges where I might find Pyrenees
> artwork, knick-knacks, or any nice decorative items. I have picked up a
> things at some shows, but most of what I have found there is VERY
> Anyway- if anyone knows of anything, it would be greatly appreciated! :)
> Melissa, Maddie, Samson, Tanner and Bailey
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