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[PyrNet-L] RESCUE, CARE, CHAT: Dakota home & OK except for scratched eye.

   Just heard the whole story and thought I'd fill you all in!  Albert's dad 
Dakota who had been gone for close to a week was spotted by a neighbour not 
far from their home. Even though it was late at night they called anyway, as 
they had heard from Sean's wife how hard Sean was taking this.  While his 
owner Sean went looking for him by where the neighbour said they had seen 
him, Dakota meanwhile made it all the way back home!!  He is doing fine and 
thrilled to be back home!1  And BOY! Are they thrilled to have him back 
home!!  He has a scratched eye is all... nothing serious.  They say he will 
be neutered right away!!  (He took off after amorous pursuits when a female 
was in heat!)  Thank God it was a happy ending!!  
   This is one to remember folks!! Do not give up easily if your dog 
disappears!  It had been almost a week.  Also I think I would be tempted to 
add the following line to the lost dog posters:  Call anytime day or night 24 
hours a day!!  It may make a difference!  If someone feels they shouldn't 
call after 9pm or 10pm, then your chances of finding the dog goes down if it 
happens to be seen at night.
    Poor Sean had been heartsick and was out looking often until after 
midnight each day. Sean wasn't eating well and was so bummed and missed 
Dakota so much.  The couple has no children and Dakota was like a child to 
them!  They even had a professional photographer come to their home and take 
photos of him once!  Sean took Dakota with him to work every day 
(construction work) and had not been apart from him in five years. So this is 
really a happy ending!! 
   I had offered to chip in on the reward that was offered and since he found 
his own way home, I offered to have it go towards the neutering if they want. 
   Thanks again for all the support and well wishers and prayers and great 
advice!!  It was super!!  Thanks also to those who shared their own stories 
from their hearts. It means so much. 

Janice Vocke
Shelton, WA.