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Re: [PyrNet-L] Artwork

I have found beautiful items at the Nationals.   Check the club's pages as
well.    The California club has some really nice items for the 2000
Specialty.    Not all is artwork but you may find something there to your

Also, you may want to check with David Kintsfather on where he got his "Chez
Penny" portrait done.   It is gorgeous (check Penny Purebreds page
www.pyrbred.org)  You'll find most club links on this site as well -
National Capitol has some really great notecards that can be matted - they
are being sold to support rescue.   I believe you will even find them under
ourdogbleu.com as well.    All have great sites and products.

Good luck and let us know how you make out.

Dianne Migas - NJ

Have you hugged your Pyr today?  Gunner's off to the "Fat Farm"
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Subject: [PyrNet-L] Artwork

>I am currently trying to get a little decorating done. I was wondering if
>anyone know of any web sites or cataloges where I might find Pyrenees
>artwork, knick-knacks, or any nice decorative items. I have picked up a few
>things at some shows, but most of what I have found there is VERY
>Anyway- if anyone knows of anything, it would be greatly appreciated! :)
>Melissa, Maddie, Samson, Tanner and Bailey
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