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the whole experience was a great one.  from the pyr shep herding trial
on Saturday, to the show itself on Sunday, it was a jam-packed weekend.
We were lucky enough to visit a few kennels after the show, and that was
very special.  Also got to see a few dogs in our sightseeing--usually
when one was spotted, we stopped the car and took pictures!  Talk about
tourists!  :)

Am picking up the pictures this evening.  Hopefully we will be able to
get a few up on the website by the weekend.  I'll let you know when that
is done.

any questions, please yell.


Picking up the pictures tonight and hope to have lots of pictures on the
website by the weekend.

Charlotte & Jack Perry wrote:

> Hi Joe,
> Would love to hear about the Great Pyrenees National show in France.
> How about comments from listers who were there.
> Charlotte
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