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Re: [PyrNet-L] Re: French National

I'll answer both questions with one post--hopefully save some time.

The judge(s) were M. Procureur, Guy Mansancal,  and Alain Pecoult (sp). They
all seemed to judge many classes.  They seemed to alternate when the best in
show was to be picked.  The funny part was when one of them made their
choice, the other would shake his head and talk out loud!

As far as the markings, the mastiffs were almost completly marked.  I'd say
at least 75% of the body.  The whole head was marked and the sides and rump
almost all marked.  I didn't find the pyrs in France any more marked than we
have in the US.  I have heard that the dogs in England are more heavily
marked than either France or the US.