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[PyrNet-L] Welcome!!

Thankyou Joy( Maggie's Mom) for your welcome to us, much appreciated.
Would love to see a photo of Maggie please?  Looking forward to meeting other Pyrs and owners too.  Can I just say that no matter the dog we own, or take to a show still comes home or lives with us as the Best Dog on the day or forever. No matter anyone's interpretation of the Breed Standard in what ever country, we are here as Guardians of this Breed and to do our best to maintain this Breed for as long as we are able to ,be it as a Breeder or Owner.  The best Pyr I ever owned came back here at 12months old, was neutered and died 7 years later on my birthday right in front of me!!  He sure made a statement which to us meant " I was a Runt, you should not have let me go, I made very sure I came back and I taught you such a lot in those 7 years"  He sure did and what a thrill we all had as a Family when he went to Pyr Ribbon Parades and Match Days and would win Best of Match and Best on Parade!!  His tolerance of other Pyr males extended beyond anything I have ever known and today (5yrs later) I have 4 males here (2 imports) who have never growled at each other and can co-exist on the same property. Harley taught me how to react around males together and for that I willl be forever grateful having left the backdoor open tonight to find the 4 yr old and the nearly 10 yr old males out there together  guarding the fenceline in their own separate ways!!  Cool, calm and reasonably collected "Seymor, get your butt in here(and he did), Arthur what the hell are you doing out there, inside NOW!!"  So that should teach me to keep my messages to the Pyrnet just a tad shorter and keep my eyes on the Boys!!
Jan Chaplin Ariege-Roussillon Pyreneans
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