scan(DEGREE dir, int resolution)

    Scans from dir-resolution to dir+resolution looking for targets. 

    Returns range to nearest target in scan arc if one is found. 
    Returns 0 if no target is found in scan arc.

    Maximum scan arc is +/- 10 degrees.

    Attempts to scan an arc greater than +/- 10 degrees will be truncated to +/- 10 degrees.

cannon(DEGREE dir, int range)

    Fires a cannon volley in the direction/range specified. The slower your current speed, the more accurate your shot.

    Returns 0 if unable to fire at this time.
    Returns 1 if shot was successfully fired.

    Cannon shells travel at a volocity of ~100 meters/second. 

    You may only have three volleys in the air at any time.

    If you are in the blast area of one of your own shots, you will take damage.

drive(DEGREE dir,int speed)

    Change direction and speed.

    Maximum forward robot velocity is +10 meters/second.
    Maximum reverse robot velocity is -7.5 meters/second.

    Maximum robot acceleration is +/- 2 meters/second/second.

    Maximum turn speed is 5 meters/second. If you attempt to turn and your current speed is greater than 5 meters/second, you will slow down to 5 meters/second, make the turn and then accelerate to your desired speed.

    Maximum direction change is 15 degrees/second.

int speed(void)

    Returns your current speed.

int loc_x(void)

    Returns your current X position in the arena.

int loc_y(void)

    Returns your current Y position in the arena.

int time(void)

    Returns the current Time.