C++Robots is an ongoing "King of the Hill" (KotH) tournament in which players use ANSI C or C++ to create a control program for a robot.  The purpose of your robot is to seek out and destroy any other robots in the arena.  You submit your control program to the C++Robots server via eMail.  Your program is compiled by the GNU C++ compiler and loaded into a robot.  Your robot then fights each of the robots "on the hill", one at a time.  Each match consists of 5 rounds.  You get 3 points for winning a round, and 1 point for a draw.   If your total score is better than any of the other robots currently on the hill, you have "made the hill", assuming the appropriate position, and bumping the lowest scoring robot from the hill.

Robots have the ability to scan for opponents, fire a cannon, move, and determine current position and status.

C++Robots is conceptually based on CROBOTS written for the IBM PC by Tom Poindexter.

For the adventurers in the crowd, here is the C++Robots combat engine (suitable for use on Unix workstations)

Here is a Java class, TTViewer that can be used to translate "trace" output into an overhead view