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The Most Challenging Real Money Online Slots

Playing online casino slots for real money can certainly put you on an elevated high. With so many game developers bumping up their slots prowess, there are plenty of amazing slot concepts making their way into the market. If you consider yourself an avid slot player then you probably know there are different structures to these games that may or may not require some skill to create winning combinations.

Today's slot machines differ greatly from the traditional sort and the big differences lie within the way payouts are achieved. It seems the more challenging slots are, the more interesting the journey is to achieve a few wins. With the result, slots providers have aligned their products to meet the growing demands of players, with tons of exciting and entertaining titles to play. When deciding to play for money online it is important to seek specialized real play advice.

Below is a list of three of the industry's most challenging slot games. They're labeled “challenging” for varying reasons; based on structure, bonus rounds and popularity. Let's have a deeper look at each.

Dolphin Coast (Microgaming)

You've probably heard of 243,720 or probably even 1024 ways to win slots. Well, thanks to Microgaming and their ability to take gaming to new levels, there are now slots with 3125 ways to win such as Dolphin Coast. Dolphin Coast is considered one of the most challenging slots to play, and this of course is due to all the ways in which you can create winning combinations.

Some argue that the more ways to win, the more complicated the gameplay becomes. All the activity on the reels may seem a little overwhelming, especially if you are not familiar with many active and fixed paylines. However, the slot does simplify things by offering only one bonus round. Furthermore, Dolphin Coast features a scatter symbol and stacked wilds to help in forming winning combinations. There are also free spins and multipliers to add to the intense gaming experience. If you can stick around and keep the reels spinning, then there's the possibility to win up to 800,000 coins.

Starburst (NetEnt)

Starburst is arguably one of the most popular slot games of all time. The online slot will not only draw you in with its simplistic and appealing visuals, but also with its sharp and fast-paced gameplay. You could even compare it to a slot version of candy crusher, with the way the look and feel is designed. Starburst features 5 reels played across just 10 paylines, which keeps the gameplay far simpler. It features a wild symbol represented by starbursts which expands on the reels and only appears on reels two, three, and four.

The starburst wild symbol truly turns the game into a party by expanding to fill up all reels and holding their positions during the re-spins round. This means more winning combinations can be formed. The most challenging aspect of Starburst is keeping up with all the activity taking place on the reels and paylines. When the wild starts to expand on the reels, that is when the pace exponentially rises. It is one of the fastest games out there, and if you aren’t paying attention, you might even miss how your wins came to be. Starburst has an RTP of 96.1% and currently ranks as one of the top slot games on the market today.

The Invisible Man (NetEnt)

Gaming developer guru, NetEnt, created one of the most aesthetically appealing games to challenge our minds. The Invisible Man is based on the 1930’s film of the same name, and features some eerie yet intriguing imagery. If you are a fan of darker looking slot concepts with a little challenge in the mix, then this slot should peak your interest. Spin your wheels right with this game and stand a chance to win a whopping 270,000 coins. The most challenging aspect of The Invisible Man is the scatter symbol which is formed when two wild symbols merge. This merge is also the link to a free spins round, where things get even more interesting.

When playing the free spins round, you will notice two meters appear above the reels. These are matched with the wilds that appear. When either a Police or Griffin wild appears, the eight spaces on the meters will fill up. If you fill up any of the meters before the round ends, you'll activate the Police Spin or Griffin’s Rage Bonus Feature. These features result in some serious multiplier winnings and cash prizes as well. The visuals in The Invisible Man also tend to get a little trippy, and you can see its true effects when the wilds are on the reels, turning the entire background blurry.