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Quick Installation Guide for eSquire 0.9.8


Add the following entry (or one very much like it) to /etc/passwd

esquire:x:2001:201:E-Squire Mailing List Server:/home/esquire:/bin/bash

Add the following entry (or one very much like it) to /etc/group


Add the following entries to /etc/aliases

esquire-owner:  owner-esquire
esquire:        "|/home/esquire/bin/esquire"

Extract the files to ~esquire

Edit ~esquire/

% cd ~esquire/src

fix Makefile to set ESQROOT to the proper directory

% su root
# make install
# make ../users.dat


Extract the files somewhere (not ~esquire)

Copy the src directory to ~esquire/src

% cd ~esquire/src

NOTE: if you want ~esquire to be anywhere other than /home/esquire, edit the Makefile ESQROOT accordingly

% su root
# make install
            (NOTE: it assumes your UserDirectory is ~esquire/public_html)

Check for any upgrades. And add them to ~esquire/

Common APACHE-isms

Alias /esquire/_themes/ /home/esquire/public_html/_themes/
Alias /esquire/images/ /home/esquire/public_html/images/
ScriptAlias /esquire/ /home/esquire/public_html/

<Directory /home/esquire/public_html>
AllowOverride All
Options ExecCGI Indexes Includes FollowSymLinks
order allow,deny
Allow from all


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