About the notation used here:

The graphic diagrams conform to the European convention, which numbers the columns 1 to 24, and the rows are lettered A to X. Black moves first, and has border columns 1 and 24. White moves 2nd, and has border rows A and X. This is different from the convention used on the PBeM server. As a result, there may be some confusion if you read the notes that go with the diagrams and then also read the notes from the text-only version. If you stick with one or the other, however, you should have no problem.

The move syntax is described below. The following is excerpted from the twixt.help file, modified to make sense with European coordinates:

    Usually, a <move> is of the form <letter A-X> <number 1-24>,
    such as J12 or K5, telling where a peg has been placed. Any links that
    this peg can make, without removing other links, are automatically made.


    If a player removes any links prior to placing any, or decides to link
    a pair of pegs which does not include the peg just played, the following
    syntax is used to describe the move.

    NOTE: the brackets [] mean "what is enclosed is optional."

    Each <move> is of the form:

    <coordinates> [ - <unlink list> ] [ + <link list> ]

    where <coordinates> = <letter A-X> <number 1-24>

    and both types of <list> are of the form:

    <coordinates> <coordinates> [ <coordinates> ... ] [ , <list> ]

    Each group of coordinates indicates a "chain" of pegs to link or unlink.
    Commas are used as delimiters between each chain.
Here's an example of a move using the unlink/link feature.

Figure 1

# makes the move: L12-M16K17,L11K13L15J16+K10L12K14L16K18

Figure 2

If an unlink list is given but no link list, that means that the indicated links were removed, and then all possible links to the peg just played were automatically made. However, for the sake of clarity, the annotated games here will specifically list what links were made after unlinking. The + symbol 'disables' this autolinking; only the links listed after the + symbol are made, and no others. Note that in the above example, the link M10L12 was not made. If for some reason a player decides to make no links at all, even though it was possible to link to the peg just played, this is indicated by a + with nothing after it.