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   Welcome to the network Pitch server. The rules of Pitch are
   below. The challenge and move commands for Pitch are described
   here. Other commands are the same for all pbmserv games.

Pitch Command Summary

   pitch challenge [ parameters ] userid1 userid2 userid3 userid4
          Start a new game. Two to seven players may play, but most 
          players prefer four players.

             Make the goal for winning the game equal to 7, 11, or 21
             major points. The default is 11.

   pitch move board userid password move
          Make a move on the specified board (if it is your turn). There
          are two different types of move that can be made depending on
          the current phase of the game.

                During a bidding phase, players must bid the number of
                major points they think they will take this hand. 
                Players may underbid without penalty.
                Bids are either an integer 0, 2, 3, 4, 5 (or the word
                'smudge' which is another name for a bid of 5 major
                points).  Bids must either be 0 or a number greater than
                the previous highest bid. Each player gets one chance to
                bid and bidding rotates counter-clockwise with player on
                dealer's left.  If everyone bids 0 then the cards are
                reshuffled and deal rotates to next player in line
                (player on dealer's left).

                      pitch move 123 foo bar 0
                      pitch move 123 foo bar 2
                      pitch move 123 foo bar 5
                      pitch move 123 foo bar smudge

        card playing
                During the card playing phase, players must play a card
                from their hand. Specify cards using their rank and suit

                      pitch move 123 foo bar AD
                      pitch move 123 foo bar 10C
                      pitch move 123 foo bar KH
                      pitch move 123 foo bar 2S

Rules for Pitch

   Pitch is a trick-winning card game. Six cards are dealt to each
   player.  The object is to be the first to get enough major points to
   win the game.

   The 5 major points are each worth one point and they are: 
   a) winning the highest card of trump
   b) winning the lowest card of trump
   c) winning the jack of the trump suit (if it is dealt out)
   d) achieving the highest card points total in tricks won
   e) winning a) through c) plus winning all six tricks (this would
      guarantee also achieving the highest card points total)

   (Please note that if you bid 5 or smudge, then you must win all six
   tricks plus the jack of the trump suit will have to have been dealt
   out.  Bidding smudge is risky since the jack of the trump suit may not
   have been dealt out to any player.)

   Card points totals are determined from values of cards won in the
   tricks. They are: ace=4pts, king=3pts, queen=2pts, jack=1pts,
   10's=10pts, (2 through 9)=0pts. If more than one player ties for
   highest card points total then no one wins that major point.  If the
   jack of the trump suit is not dealt out then no one wins that major
   point either.
   After the bidding phase, the highest bidder is called the pitcher and
   this player is the first to play a card.  The very first card led
   determines the trump suit.  (This means that trump will be led on the
   first trick.)  If trump is led then all others must follow trump suit.
   If any other suit is led then the other players must either follow
   that suit or they may play trump (even if they have card(s) of the
   suit led.)  If players cannot follow the lead suit then they may
   follow with any card (they are not required to play trump.)  The
   highest trump played in a trick wins the trick or if no trump
   is played then the highest card played of the lead suit wins the

   After each round, it is scored for each player.  
   The major points are scored in order of 
   'high' (highest trump card won), 'low' (lowest trump card won),
   'jack' (jack of trump card won), and then 'game' (highest card points
   total).  After 'game' (or where an empty space exists) the "card
   points totals" are displayed.  Please do not confuse these card points
   for major game points which are shown in the beginning of the line
   before 'high' (or where an empty space exists).  The card pts
   are there for your information and to prove who won the 'game' point.
   If the highest bidder (the pitcher) does not win the number of major
   points that s/he bid, then they are "set" and lose a number of points
   equal to their bid.  Players may underbid without penalty.  If a
   player makes more major points than they have bid then there is no
   penalty and the player will recieve all the major points that they
   won. If any player reaches the goal number of points to win the game
   then they win the game without the rest of the major points scored.
   This means that even if two players would have gone over the number
   of points needed to win the game, the winner is the first player to
   reach the goal when the major points are scored in the order given.
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