To give you an idea how a game might proceed, here is an example game between two wizards "Froodal" and "Bung". First, here are the orders that they had to give to get registered and get the game started:

newuser Frode w1n
register Froodal
newuser Bill heh
register Bung
user Frode w1n
newgame Froodal challenge Bung
user Bill heh
accept 12 Bung

At this stage, each player would receive an e-mail similar to this:

From: Firetop Mountain Referee 
Subject: A Duel has Commenced!


Bung has accepted your challenge to a duel.

The duel number is '12'.

Bung now stands before you in the Graven Circle.

On the Referee's command, you bow, and then you may commence casting
at will...

Duel Status for Froodal:

 Froodal HP: 15 State: thinking (orders)

  Left:  B
  Right: B

 Bung HP: 15 State: thinking

  Left:  B
  Right: B

You can see that they are told the game number, for reference in future orders, and the status of each player. Each wizard starts with 15 Hit Points (HP), representing the amount of damage that he can take. The server is expecting orders from each player. Each player has just bowed (indicated by the 'B' for each of his hands).

Each player now goes on to submit a gesture for each hand each round. Here is what might happen...

The table below is a summary of the game. It shows the gestures that each mage made on each turn (RH & LH), and what their hit points were at the end of each turn. It also shows you when a spell was cast. Refer to this as you read the following discussion....

TurnFroodal Bung
1WD15 WP*15
3WF*14 S*D*
4S*F S>
5>F*9 C*C*9
6C*C* DF
7P*W P*>
8P*D8 W*>
9>D DS8
10C*C*7 D>3
11W*W* C*C*-2

Outright Victory to Froodal.

A "*" shows a gesture that completes a spell.

1) Froodal makes the classic "Disease" opening. He is planning to cast Disease with his right hand, throwing in Confusion and Paralyze on the way ("DSFFFc"). He starts with a 'W' with his left hand, planning to use that as the beginnings of a Counter Spell ("WWS") for the third round, to counter any possible 3-gesture enchantments that Bung makes.

Bung makes a less conventional opening - two defensive gestures. He does 'W' with his left hand for the same reason as Froodal. He casts a shield with his right. This is usually done in anticipation of the opponent opening with a stab. However, Bung has something else in mind...

2) In the second round Froodal continues as planned. Bung sees the potential Confusion coming, and continues with his left hand Counter Spell. With his right hand Bung follows the 'P' with an 'S' - he is leading towards Summon Ogre or Charm Person!

3) Froodal is now under pressure. He doesn't know what Bung will be doing with his right hand, and can see that whatever it is, it is going to complete in the 4th round instead of the third. Furthermore, Bung is going to Counter his Confusion successfully. Froodal continues with the Confusion anyhow (leading on to the Paralyze) and prolongs his left hand Counter Spell by one turn - wasting a gesture.

Bung feels in control as he fires a Magic Missile with his right hand, leading on towards Charm Person in the next turn, and Counters Froodal's Confusion with his left hand. He is now up in HP on Froodal and is planning to continue to inflict damage as quickly as possible...

4) This round Froodal completes his Counter Spell, with which he planned to counter Bung's Charm Person. However, Bung saw that his spell was going to be countered so didn't bother completing it. Instead he stabs with his right, while progressing towards Ice Storm with his left! However, the shield effect of Counter Spell prevents the damage, and Froodal breathes a sigh of relief!

5) Froodal completes his Paralyze as Bung completes an Ice Storm. Froodal knows that next turn he is going to be clapping for the Disease, so anything other than a stab with his left hand would be wasted. After the Ice Storm and stab, both mages are on 9 HP.

6) Froodal now claps to complete the Disease spell. This puts the pressure onto Bung. Bung now has to kill Froodal or cure the Disease within the next 6 rounds. He opts to try to cure the Disease with Dispel Magic - he has already made the 'c' last turn, so he goes on with the 'D' this turn.

Meanwhile, Bung's right hand is Paralyzed into a 'F' gesture for this round by Froodal's Paralyze spell of last round.

7) With Bung busy curing his disease, Froodal can take the initiative. He starts a Lightning Bolt ("WDDc") with his right hand. He can see that Bung is going for damage, and may try a stab, so he does a Shield with his left hand. This pays off, because that is exactly what Bung does.

8) Now Bung can complete his Dispel Magic. This is another bad round for Froodal, because he can't defend himself with a Shield (since the Dispel Magic will negate the Shield) - but he doesn't realize it. Bung makes the most of it, and stabs.

9) Bung now needs to continue damaging Froodal. He uses the last 'W' of the Dispel Magic to move into a Lightning Bolt of his own, and prepares to cast a Summon Goblin with his right hand ("SFW").

Froodal sees another opportunity for a stab, and takes it, while continuing with his Lightning Bolt.

10) Froodal completes the Lightning Bolt, and Bung takes 5 more damage. Bung is still confident, because he gets in a stab and can see his Lightning Bolt crippling Froodal next turn.

11) Disaster for Bung! Froodal immediately follows his Lightning Bolt with a Magic Mirror. Bung's own Lightning Bolt is reflected back at him and he is killed!