Firetop Mountain - the legendary locale of the ritual battles between the Mages of Old. A place where only the greatest survive, and where the careless quickly meet their end.

"Firetop Mountain" is a play-by-email game concerning the conflict between powerful wizards in a duel of sorcery. The opponents perform magical gestures with their hands to create their supernatural weapons - spells. Some spells are so potent as to be able to blind a person, call forth terrifying creatures, or even kill the unfortunate victim instantly. Consequently, wizards must rely on their own cunning to be able to time enough defensive spells to avoid the brunt of the adversary's attack, yet deliver sufficient offensive spells of their own to crack the magical armour of the opponent, and kill the wizard outright.

The game is an attempt to capture the spirit of such a battle in as simple yet exciting way as possible. The inventor pointed out that he has never been involved in a magical duel but would be interested to discover how realistic the game is for those who have been involved in such a bout.