A few links that haven't been integrated into the documentation elsewhere:

An up-to-date list of GAMES IN PROGRESS on the Main server is now available by using this link. The output should match that produced by the GAMES command in an e-mail submission to the server.

A list of CHALLENGES is also available. This page should mirror the information provided by a CHALLENGES command sent to the server.

Want to look up mage SCORES? The Duel Scores and Melee Scores scores are also available individually. The output matches that of the standard SCORES or STANDINGS commands.
Duel ELO scores are also available. New users start with a score of 1000. A difference of 100 in ELO scores indicates approximately a 2:1 advantage to the higher ranked player.

A Firetop Mountain player since July 1998, Craig Ferguson has kept an unofficial archive of old games at