This table shows the gestures required to cast each spell.
Please note: The table may display strangely with your browser, depending on how it handles tables. It has been tested with a large variety of browsers, so as to be readable, if not neat.

c D P W Dispel Magic P S D F Charm Person
c S W P P * Summon Fire Elemental P S F W Summon Ogre
c S W W S Summon Ice Elemental P W P F S S S D Finger Of Death
c W S S W % Summon Fire Elemental P W P W W c Haste
c w Magic Mirror S D Magic Missile
D F F D D Lightning Bolt S F W Summon Goblin
D F P W Cure Heavy Wounds S P F P Anti Spell
D F W Cure Light Wounds S P F P S D W Permanency
D P P Amnesia S P P c Time Stop
D S F Confusion S P P F D % Time Stop
D S F F F c Disease S S F P Resist Cold
D W F F d Blindness S W D Fear
D W S S S P Delay Effect S W W c Fire Storm
D W W F W c Raise Dead W D D c + Lightning Bolt
D W W F W D Poison W F P Cause Light Wounds
F F F Paralysis W F P S F W Summon Giant
F P S F W Summon Troll W P F D Cause Heavy Wounds
F S S D D Fireball W P P Counter Spell
P Shield W S S c Ice Storm
p ! Surrender W W F P Resist Heat
P D W P Remove Enchantment W W P Protection
P P w s Invisibility W W S Counter Spell
P S D D Charm Monster

% These gestures valid in 'standard' SpellBook only
* These gestures valid in 'classic' SpellBook only
! This is not a spell
+ Each wizard may use this spell once per battle, then the gestures have no effect.

The next table lists the spells in the order that they would take effect if they were all cast in the same round.

It also shows the default target for each spell (s - self, o - opponent).

s Dispel Magic
s Counter Spell
s Magic Mirror
s Summon Goblin
s Summon Ogre
s Summon Troll
s Summon Giant
Summon Fire Elemental
Summon Ice Elemental
s Raise Dead
s Haste
s Time Stop
s Protection
s Resist Heat
s Resist Cold
o Paralysis
o Amnesia
o Fear
o Confusion
s Charm Monster
o Charm Person
o Disease
o Poison
s Cure Light Wounds
s Cure Heavy Wounds
o Anti Spell
o Blindness
s Invisibility
s Permanency
s Delay Effect
o Remove Enchantment
s Shield
o Magic Missile
o Cause Light Wounds
o Cause Heavy Wounds
o Lightning Bolt
o Fireball
o Finger of Death
Fire Storm
Ice Storm