Battle 762 between Totem (T) and MindSet (Bram)

Winner: MindSet

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Round 1
MindSet 15
P Shield -> MindSet
Totem 15
Totem says "I hope I'm a challenge for you."
A glimmering shield appears in front of MindSet.

Round 2
MindSet 15
Totem 15
WP Shield -> Totem
Totem says "R you going to do the same thing to me as u did to
MindSet says "Don't worry, i loose far more often then i win. :0)"
A glimmering shield appears in front of Totem.

Round 3
MindSet 15
Totem 15
WPP Counter Spell -> MindSet
SFW Summon Goblin -> rh:MindSet
Totem says "I see London, I see France, I see Bram's underpants."
MindSet says "Don't worry. I loose more often then i win :0)"
MindSet is surrounded by a hazy glow...
Totem's attempt to cast a Summon spell at a being that
did not exist from the beginning of the turn fails miserably.

Round 4
MindSet 15
SFFF Paralysis -> Totem
Totem 15
SFWP Shield -> Totem
Totem says "I screwed up badly there."
MindSet says "Hi hi hi :0)"
MindSet's Paralysis spell takes hold of Totem.
A glimmering shield appears in front of Totem.

Round 5
MindSet 15
SFFFF Paralysis -> Totem
PSSFP Resist Cold -> MindSet
Paralyzed: Right hand
WPPWP Shield -> Totem
SFWPP Counter Spell -> Totem

Surrendered: Totem

Totem says "Go stick your Paralysis you know were."
MindSet says "I will protect you, don't worry"
Totem's Right Hand is paralyzed!
Totem is surrounded by a hazy glow...
MindSet's cheeks take on a ruddy glow.
MindSet's Paralysis spell fizzles against Totem's hazy glow.
A glimmering shield dissolves in Totem's hazy glow.
Totem holds up both hands in surrender!
MindSet is the victor...