Firetop Mountain Record for Ac666


vs. Emu 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B897, 32 turns. Marin (Emu) won and Ac666 (Ac666) surrendered

vs. Jeff 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B970, 20 turns. Ogion (Jeff) won and Ac999 (Ac666) died

vs. Robin 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B958, 8 turns. Ac999 (Ac666) won and Brogyrvine (Robin) surrendered


Battle B976, 20 turns. Marin (Emu) died, Ac666 (Ac666) died, Jeremias (Frederic) died and MadMax (Stealthy) surrendered
Battle B1058, 12 turns. Terres (Emu) won, Demon (Ac666) surrendered, GieKhan (Jaycobb) died and CoBringer (Mike) died