Battle 3885 between Merlinstein(Saverioiv) and CheesyFries(Schlopstakovich)

Winner: Merlinstein

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Round 1
CheesyFries 14
> stab -> Merlinstein
Merlinstein 15
> stab -> CheesyFries
P Shield -> Merlinstein
Merlinstein says "Ready For More?"
CheesyFries says "Came back, didja? No mercy this time."
A glimmering shield appears in front of Merlinstein.
Merlinstein stabs CheesyFries!
CheesyFries's right stab is deflected by Merlinstein's glimmering shield.
Round 2
CheesyFries 14
>> stab -> Merlinstein
Merlinstein 14
Merlinstein says "Stab YOU!"
CheesyFries says "Ow. That really hurt!"
CheesyFries stabs Merlinstein!
Round 3
CheesyFries 14
>>P Shield -> CheesyFries
Merlinstein 14
PSD Magic Missile -> CheesyFries
Merlinstein says "You bastard! Nice daggering."
CheesyFries says "Can't get enough of those ogres, eh?"
A glimmering shield appears in front of CheesyFries.
A Magic Missile zaps across the circle towards CheesyFries!
A Magic Missile thunks into the glimmering shield protecting CheesyFries.
Round 4
CheesyFries 14
SSFP Resist Cold -> CheesyFries
>>PP Shield -> CheesyFries
Merlinstein 14
PSDF Charm Person -> CheesyFries

Surrendered: CheesyFries

Merlinstein says "This makes office hours more fun..."
CheesyFries says "Coulda sworn I already sent this in..."
CheesyFries's cheeks take on a ruddy glow.
CheesyFries starts to look persuaded by Merlinstein.
A glimmering shield appears in front of CheesyFries.
CheesyFries holds up both hands in surrender!
Merlinstein is the victor...
CheesyFries gets to live to fight another day.