Battle 5010 between Zemgog_The_Mad(Staremperor) and ManyJohns(Dh)

Winner: ManyJohns

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Round 1
ManyJohns 15
Zemgog_The_Mad 15
Round 2
ManyJohns 14
Zemgog_The_Mad 15
WP Shield -> Zemgog_The_Mad
SD Magic Missile -> ManyJohns
ManyJohns says "Hey, don't you have a pilot with that name? :^)"
A glimmering shield appears in front of Zemgog_The_Mad.
A Magic Missile zaps across the circle towards ManyJohns!
There is a thunk as a Magic Missile hits ManyJohns.
Round 3
ManyJohns 14
DSF Confusion -> Zemgog_The_Mad
WWP Protection -> ManyJohns
Zemgog_The_Mad 15
WPP Counter Spell -> Zemgog_The_Mad
SDP Shield -> Zemgog_The_Mad

Surrendered: Zemgog_The_Mad

Zemgog_The_Mad is surrounded by a hazy glow...
A solid, glimmering shield appears in front of ManyJohns.
ManyJohns's Confusion spell fizzles against Zemgog_The_Mad's hazy glow.
A glimmering shield dissolves in Zemgog_The_Mad's hazy glow.
Zemgog_The_Mad holds up both hands in surrender!
ManyJohns is the victor...
Zemgog_The_Mad gets to live to fight another day.