Firetop Mountain Record for Bram


vs. Con 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B1802, 25 turns. Lobster (Con) won and Lupos (Bram) surrendered

vs. Frederic 0/ 4/ 0

Battle B1764, 28 turns. Hagrid (Frederic) won and Voldemort (Bram) surrendered
Battle B1825, 27 turns. Hagrid (Frederic) won and Voldemort (Bram) surrendered
Battle B1971, 23 turns. Carlos (Frederic) won and Lupos (Bram) surrendered
Battle B2078, 25 turns. Hagrid (Frederic) won and Lupos (Bram) died

vs. Gorby 0/ 0/ 1

Battle B1982, 24 turns. Tangast (Gorby) died and Sjaman (Bram) died

vs. Pj 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B1976, 30T turns. Fman (Pj) won and Brambo (Bram) died

vs. Vlad 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B2615, 33 turns. Bramcula (Bram) won and MagusOfTheUnseen (Vlad) surrendered

vs. Wolfance 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B2812, 27 turns. Redwolf (Wolfance) won and Bramcula (Bram) died

vs. Xrayspecks 0/ 1/ 1

Battle B2788, 5 turns. Bramcula (Bram) surrendered and CrypticSeer (Xrayspecks) surrendered
Battle B2813, 20 turns. CrypticSeer (Xrayspecks) won and NightBlack (Bram) surrendered


Battle B1783, 41 turns. DoctorPiiit (Pierre) won, Knyn (Usagi) died, Vilnor (Thrawn) died and Brambo (Bram) surrendered
Battle B1787, 44 turns. Fluffy (Bram) won, Sjaman (Bram) surrendered, Dirk_the_Daring (Lurch) died, Mesaana (Mark) died, Osangar (Mark) died, Arion (Lurch) died, Mbuna (Sny) died and Hoofstoor (Sny) surrendered
Battle B1981, 60 turns. Bouc3 (Brice) won, Dirk_the_Daring (Lurch) died, Iman (Pj) surrendered, Wolfbuster2 (Wolfance) surrendered, Fluffy (Bram) died, Hoc (Kwil) surrendered, Regis (Thrawn) surrendered and Hand_Weaver (Spellcaster) died
Battle B2129, 38 turns. Adam (Jeff) won, Bramdalf (Bram) died, Galafon (Pierre) died, Demandred (Mark) died, Vic (Sny) surrendered and Polyrem (Gorby) died
Battle B2291, 29 turns. Sammael (Mark) won, Dunh (Sny) surrendered, Brambo (Bram) surrendered, LeProfesseurTournesol (Pierre) surrendered, TheWhiteKnight (Theknight) forfeited and Raithe (Jedi52) forfeited
Battle B2311, 42 turns. Semirhage (Mark) died, Zoompie (Bram) died, AlainDelon (Brice) died, Vegeta (Morecai) died and Rabskatran (Pierre) surrendered
Battle B2506, 17 turns. Cagliostro (Marcus) won, Cadarn (Owen) died, Iagrom (Bram) died, MisterGood (Pierre) died and Mesaana (Mark) surrendered