Firetop Mountain Record for Cleriq


vs. Acid 1/ 0/ 1

Battle B4478, 33 turns. Oops (Cleriq) surrendered and HappyAss (Acid) died
Battle B4486, 9 turns. Oops (Cleriq) won and SFW (Acid) died

vs. Frederick 1/ 3/ 0

Battle B4487, 35 turns. Myperd (Frederick) won and Gatgeskop (Cleriq) died
Battle B4490, 23 turns. Myperd (Frederick) won and Oops (Cleriq) surrendered
Battle B4497, 4 turns. Myperd (Frederick) won and Oops (Cleriq) surrendered
Battle B4499, 43 turns. Oops (Cleriq) won and Myperd (Frederick) died

vs. Gavin 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B4506, 26 turns. HarrySeTotter (Gavin) won and Dompie (Cleriq) surrendered

vs. Matrix 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B4479, 25 turns. Dopey (Cleriq) won and Oog (Matrix) died

vs. Maz 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B4492, 16 turns. Dopey (Cleriq) won and Pinkie (Maz) surrendered

vs. Mutant 0/ 0/ 1

Battle B4498, 26 turns. DUDU (Cleriq) died and WarMachine (Mutant) died

vs. Pumbaa 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B4504, 11 turns. Dopey (Cleriq) won and Simba (Pumbaa) died