Firetop Mountain Record for Henchman


vs. Frederic 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B5393, 7 turns. Sarah (Frederic) won and Haunted (Henchman) surrendered
Battle B5416, 28 turns. Sarah (Frederic) won and Haunted (Henchman) died

vs. Grimreaper 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B5397, 13 turns. Kling (Henchman) won and Grim (Grimreaper) died

vs. Pj 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B5395, 20 turns. Aman (Pj) won and Sickness (Henchman) surrendered

vs. Theking 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B5415, 10 turns. Cd (Theking) won and Ototo (Henchman) surrendered
Battle B5421, 29 turns. Power (Theking) won and Ankar (Henchman) surrendered