Firetop Mountain Record for J__wocky


vs. Frederic 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B3482, 12 turns. Zap (Frederic) won and Doity (J__wocky) surrendered


Battle B3444, 31 turns. Vman (Pj) surrendered, Wman (Pj) surrendered, Uman (Pj) surrendered, Point (Diamond) surrendered, Okkodai (Sharkey) surrendered, Temujin (Sharkey) died, Vortex (Diamond) died, Arigaba (Sharkey) died, Focus (Diamond) died, MauveAdept (Praxisadept) surrendered, PinkAdept (Praxisadept) surrendered, WellDressedMage (Xrayspecks) surrendered, AlbinoMage (Xrayspecks) surrendered, OrangeAdept (Praxisadept) surrendered, BaldMage (Xrayspecks) surrendered, Fjord (J__wocky) forfeited, Junky (J__wocky) forfeited and PitViper (J__wocky) forfeited
Battle B3500, 14 turns. Zaxarus (Falgund) won, Bastid (J__wocky) died and GandalfsGrandpa (Xuller) forfeited