Firetop Mountain Record for Jaycobb


vs. Frederic 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B1209, 9 turns. Jay (Frederic) won and FireBrand (Jaycobb) died
Battle B1234, 11 turns. Hagrid (Frederic) won and Couatl (Jaycobb) died

vs. Ulrich 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B1277, 7 turns. Sleipnir (Ulrich) won and Shinju (Jaycobb) surrendered


Battle B1058, 12 turns. Terres (Emu) won, Demon (Ac666) surrendered, GieKhan (Jaycobb) died and CoBringer (Mike) died
Battle B1105, 23 turns. Teferi (Qwyrx) won, MadMax (Stealthy) surrendered, Ibrahim (Patterner) surrendered and Shinju (Jaycobb) surrendered
Battle B1191, 29 turns. Quasilich (Stealthy) won, DarkMan (Mike) surrendered, Trismegistus (Paracelsus) surrendered and BlitzKreig (Jaycobb) surrendered