Firetop Mountain Record for Jbnet


vs. Con 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B1828, 11 turns. Meran (Con) survived and Jbnet (Jbnet) forfeited

vs. Frederic 0/ 4/ 0

Battle B1718, 12 turns. Gobo (Frederic) won and Jbnet (Jbnet) died
Battle B1737, 9 turns. Carlos (Frederic) won and Jake (Jbnet) died
Battle B1792, 9 turns. Carlos (Frederic) won and Jbnet (Jbnet) surrendered
Battle B1820, 9 turns. Zippo (Frederic) survived and JakeB (Jbnet) forfeited

vs. Wolfance 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B1752, 13 turns. WolfCaster2 (Wolfance) won and JakeB (Jbnet) surrendered
Battle B1805, 15 turns. WolfCaster2 (Wolfance) survived and Jake (Jbnet) forfeited