Firetop Mountain Record for Kamil


vs. Filip 2/ 1/ 0

Battle B1001, 9 turns. Lucis (Filip) survived and Kamil3 (Kamil) forfeited
Battle B1464, 8 turns. Kamil10 (Kamil) won and Filip (Filip) surrendered
Battle B1517, 16 turns. Kamil10 (Kamil) won and Filip (Filip) surrendered

vs. Frederic 0/ 3/ 0

Battle B1052, 4 turns. Ivan (Frederic) survived and Kamil4 (Kamil) forfeited
Battle B1633, 13 turns. Merlin (Frederic) survived and Kamil12 (Kamil) forfeited
Battle B1645, 11 turns. Jeronimo (Frederic) survived and Kamil_ (Kamil) forfeited

vs. Netmike 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B1643, 16 turns. Rience (Netmike) won and Kamil13 (Kamil) died

vs. Theknight 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B1461, 17 turns. TheBlackKnight (Theknight) won and Kamil6 (Kamil) died
Battle B1647, 14 turns. TheBlackKnight (Theknight) survived and Kamil14 (Kamil) forfeited


Battle B971, 26 turns. TheDarkKnight (Theknight) won, Rience (Netmike) surrendered, Kamil (Kamil) died, Dopiera (Dopiera) died and Filip (Filip) surrendered
Battle B998, 13 turns. Shuruga (Netmike) won, Bond (Dopiera) died, Kamil2 (Kamil) forfeited, TheGrayKnight (Theknight) forfeited and Nataniel (Filip) forfeited
Battle B1055, 29 turns. Amanda (Clearwater) won, Pawana (Sayembara) died, PsychoRider (Mike) surrendered and Kamil5 (Kamil) forfeited