Firetop Mountain Record for Madmike


vs. Frederic 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B2084, 24 turns. Zap (Frederic) won and Oops (Madmike) surrendered

vs. Gorby 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B1362, 32 turns. Tangast (Gorby) won and Vllad_the_Paler (Madmike) died
Battle B1409, 17 turns. Heor (Gorby) won and Ponder_Stibbons (Madmike) died

vs. Jeff 0/ 3/ 0

Battle B849, 13 turns. Ged (Jeff) won and Melvyn_The_Impractical (Madmike) died
Battle B1651, 15 turns. War (Jeff) won and I (Madmike) died
Battle B1665, 8 turns. War (Jeff) won and Cheese_the_grate (Madmike) surrendered

vs. Juclair 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B1164, 8 turns. Molonisu (Juclair) won and Vortaz (Madmike) surrendered

vs. Larry_g 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B821, 10 turns. Malfoy (Larry_g) won and Melvyn_The_Impractical (Madmike) surrendered
Battle B3165, 18 turns. Talon (Larry_g) won and Zythax (Madmike) died

vs. Lurch 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B1032, 15 turns. Fodder_Two (Lurch) won and Vllad_the_Paler (Madmike) died

vs. Moleary 0/ 0/ 1

Battle B2906, 24 turns. Oops (Madmike) died and Udun (Moleary) died

vs. Pj 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B2610, 35 turns. Zythax (Madmike) won and Xman (Pj) surrendered

vs. Raphe 4/ 7/ 0

Battle B606, 21 turns. Abaddon (Raphe) won and Weatherwax (Madmike) surrendered
Battle B624, 9 turns. Abaddon (Raphe) won and Weatherwax (Madmike) surrendered
Battle B633, 28 turns. Weatherwax (Madmike) won and Abaddon (Raphe) surrendered
Battle B678, 11 turns. Abaddon (Raphe) won and Weatherwax (Madmike) died
Battle B703, 28 turns. Abaddon (Raphe) won and Melvyn_The_Impractical (Madmike) surrendered
Battle B712, 1 turns. Melvyn_The_Impractical (Madmike) survived and Abaddon (Raphe) forfeited
Battle B1521, 31 turns. Mytholroyd (Raphe) won and Rimfast (Madmike) died
Battle B1560, 23 turns. Mytholroyd (Raphe) won and Crinkle_toes (Madmike) surrendered
Battle B1565, 25 turns. Mytholroyd (Raphe) won and Crinkle_toes (Madmike) died
Battle B1580, 28 turns. I (Madmike) won and Mytholroyd (Raphe) surrendered
Battle B1691, 5 turns. Me_too (Madmike) survived and Mytholroyd (Raphe) forfeited

vs. Shadowfox 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B2738, 29 turns. Oops (Madmike) won and Confusious (Shadowfox) died

vs. Theknight 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B1664, 35 turns. TheBlueKnight (Theknight) won and Me (Madmike) died
Battle B1698, 9 turns. TheBlueKnight (Theknight) survived and Cheese_the_grate (Madmike) forfeited

vs. Wyldstrike 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B2808, 23 turns. Zythax (Madmike) won and Wyld (Wyldstrike) died


Battle B683, 23 turns. Melvyn_The_Impractical (Madmike) won, EricTheRed (Anthony) died and Abaddon (Raphe) surrendered
Battle B1284, 17 turns. QuixotesGhost (Mike) won, Vortaz (Madmike) died, Eman (Pj) died, Heor (Gorby) died and MONS (Snow) died
Battle B1390, 50 turns. Philalethes (Paracelsus) won, Mortimer (Blindio) died, Ridcully (Madmike) died and Hermione (Altaira) died
Battle B1723, 66 turns. Galafon (Pierre) won, Me_too (Madmike) died and Oldmicke (Gedasm) died
Battle B1986, 31 turns. Maya (Frederic) won, Oops (Madmike) surrendered, Wolfcaster3 (Wolfance) surrendered and Thilan (Yuval) surrendered
Battle B2164, 41 turns. Meleebouc (Brice) won, LeboucducapitaineHaddock (Brice) surrendered, Facet (Diamond) surrendered, Moghedien (Mark) died, Cold (Diamond) died, Belal (Mark) died, Oops (Madmike) surrendered, Fester (Madmike) died, Chriusha (Pj) forfeited, Stepashka (Pj) forfeited, ODDS (Scaler) surrendered and Nisior (Scaler) surrendered
Battle B3374, 24 turns. Aman (Pj) won, Pintacle (Stealthy) died, Dragon (Larry_g) died, Igor (Falgund) died, Pear (Diamond) died, Moses (Turbo) died, Thox (Madmike) died, Troglodyte (Brice) died, Aginor (Mark) died, Sackerr (Sny) died, Angela (Clearwater) died, Asira (Darkfire) died, Grucho (Frederic) died, Biliktu (Sharkey) died, YES (Yuval) died, Samantha (Pierre) died, Sorrow (Ulrich) surrendered, ThinkBZ (Gedasm) died, Vannor (Gorby) died, CharlesDexterWard (Marcus) surrendered, Wyldmelee2 (Wyldstrike) surrendered, Mago (Thrawn) surrendered and GapToothedMage (Xrayspecks) surrendered