Firetop Mountain Record for Markw


vs. Frederic 0/ 3/ 0

Battle B2745, 15 turns. Huffelpuff (Frederic) won and Snuffelupulus (Markw) died
Battle B2747, 11 turns. Gobo (Frederic) won and Rufus (Markw) surrendered
Battle B2778, 14 turns. Zap (Frederic) won and Fang (Markw) died

vs. Jeff 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B2758, 20 turns. TheSnake (Jeff) won and Bill (Markw) died

vs. Luthien 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B2792, 26 turns. Melian (Luthien) won and Lightfoot (Markw) died

vs. Xrayspecks 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B2767, 29 turns. GreenEyedEnchantress (Xrayspecks) won and Rufus (Markw) died


Battle B2721, 54T turns. Demandred (Mark) won, Jund (Falgund) surrendered, Saruman (Shadowfox) forfeited, Funfactor (Sny) surrendered, Garl (Markw) surrendered and Minge (Timelord12) surrendered
Battle B2725, 28 turns. Rahvin (Mark) won, Akeley (Dogdaysunrise) died, CritterEater (Markw) forfeited, Ghengis_Clown (Shadowfox) surrendered and Ocus (Pierre) surrendered