Firetop Mountain Record for Miguelz


vs. Frederic 0/ 3/ 0

Battle B1739, 28 turns. Zippo (Frederic) won and Elricz (Miguelz) died
Battle B1768, 16 turns. Carlos (Frederic) won and Erekose (Miguelz) died
Battle B1790, 20 turns. Zap (Frederic) won and Ermizhad (Miguelz) surrendered

vs. Pj 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B2132, 21 turns. Ermizhad (Miguelz) won and Aaman (Pj) died

vs. Sirrus 1/ 1/ 0

Battle B1818, 16 turns. Emanems (Sirrus) won and Superlopez (Miguelz) surrendered
Battle B1867, 19 turns. Superlopez (Miguelz) won and Emanems (Sirrus) died