Firetop Mountain Record for Mike


vs. Con 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B1350, 14 turns. Meran (Con) won and QuixotesGhost (Mike) surrendered

vs. Darus 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B1330, 18 turns. BradocWulfen (Mike) survived and Piffle (Darus) forfeited

vs. Frederic 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B1126, 9 turns. Miraculix (Frederic) won and Zephytixe (Mike) died


Battle B1040, 26 turns. CRMeleeWiz (Craigr) won, Zap (Frederic) surrendered, Quixote (Mike) died and StoneDeath (Maarak) died
Battle B1055, 29 turns. Amanda (Clearwater) won, Pawana (Sayembara) died, PsychoRider (Mike) surrendered and Kamil5 (Kamil) forfeited
Battle B1058, 12 turns. Terres (Emu) won, Demon (Ac666) surrendered, GieKhan (Jaycobb) died and CoBringer (Mike) died
Battle B1191, 29 turns. Quasilich (Stealthy) won, DarkMan (Mike) surrendered, Trismegistus (Paracelsus) surrendered and BlitzKreig (Jaycobb) surrendered
Battle B1284, 17 turns. QuixotesGhost (Mike) won, Vortaz (Madmike) died, Eman (Pj) died, Heor (Gorby) died and MONS (Snow) died
Battle B1335, 10 turns. DeMoivre (August) won, Gman (Pj) surrendered, Overwhelming (Mike) surrendered and JonStewartRocks (Peanuthead) forfeited
Battle B1346, 20 turns. Vannor (Gorby) surrendered, Batman (Pj) surrendered, Tragorn (Calmon) surrendered and DarkMan (Mike) forfeited
Battle B1566, 24 turns. Adam (Jeff) survived, Overwhelming (Mike) forfeited and North (Calmon) surrendered
Battle B1567, 17 turns. West (Calmon) died, Eve (Jeff) died, QuixotesGhost (Mike) forfeited and Decoy (Ramblingfool) forfeited
Battle B1625, 29T turns. LH (Sunkist) won, Maya (Frederic) surrendered, Pit2 (Pierre) surrendered, BradocWulfen (Mike) forfeited, Umo (Thrawn) died, Philalethes (Paracelsus) surrendered and ODDS (Scaler) surrendered