Firetop Mountain Record for Praxisadept


vs. August 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B3552, 27 turns. Gauss (August) won and BlueAdept (Praxisadept) surrendered

vs. Autarkus 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B3514, 1 turns. BrownAdept (Praxisadept) survived and Bren (Autarkus) forfeited

vs. Falgund 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B3451, 26 turns. BlackAdept (Praxisadept) won and Zeloran (Falgund) surrendered

vs. Frederic 0/ 1/ 1

Battle B3471, 17 turns. Merlin (Frederic) won and SilverAdept (Praxisadept) surrendered
Battle B3521, 41 turns. YellowAdept (Praxisadept) died and Zap (Frederic) surrendered

vs. Garotte 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B3450, 15 turns. MagentaAdept (Praxisadept) won and Moeg (Garotte) surrendered

vs. Gorby 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B3448, 42 turns. GreyAdept (Praxisadept) won and Faler (Gorby) surrendered

vs. Kyarmentari 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B3437, 29 turns. Azimuth (Kyarmentari) won and YellowAdept (Praxisadept) surrendered

vs. Marcus 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B3431, 14 turns. Clotho (Marcus) won and BlueAdept (Praxisadept) surrendered
Battle B3478, 31 turns. Clotho (Marcus) won and BlueAdept (Praxisadept) surrendered

vs. Pierre 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B3447, 24 turns. VermillionAdept (Praxisadept) won and Pocus (Pierre) surrendered

vs. Pj 2/ 0/ 0

Battle B3449, 13 turns. BronzeAdept (Praxisadept) won and Xman (Pj) surrendered
Battle B3512, 23 turns. RedAdept (Praxisadept) won and Xman (Pj) surrendered

vs. Snaqqpaqq 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B3446, 23 turns. RedAdept (Praxisadept) won and Cola (Snaqqpaqq) surrendered

vs. Xrayspecks 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B3436, 28 turns. WhiteAdept (Praxisadept) won and ShapelyBlondeWitch (Xrayspecks) surrendered


Battle B3347, 37 turns. GreenAdept (Praxisadept) won, Zanthia (Falgund) died, ShortMage (Xrayspecks) died, Pit2 (Pierre) surrendered, Lachesis (Marcus) died and Erioh (Gorby) surrendered
Battle B3444, 31 turns. Vman (Pj) surrendered, Wman (Pj) surrendered, Uman (Pj) surrendered, Point (Diamond) surrendered, Okkodai (Sharkey) surrendered, Temujin (Sharkey) died, Vortex (Diamond) died, Arigaba (Sharkey) died, Focus (Diamond) died, MauveAdept (Praxisadept) surrendered, PinkAdept (Praxisadept) surrendered, WellDressedMage (Xrayspecks) surrendered, AlbinoMage (Xrayspecks) surrendered, OrangeAdept (Praxisadept) surrendered, BaldMage (Xrayspecks) surrendered, Fjord (J__wocky) forfeited, Junky (J__wocky) forfeited and PitViper (J__wocky) forfeited
Battle B3474, 21 turns. Jund (Falgund) died, SepiaAdept (Praxisadept) surrendered, DrDee (Marcus) forfeited and Gisegor (Xuller) forfeited
Battle B3491, 11 turns. Shimmer (Diamond) won, Shimmery (Diamond) surrendered, Brilliance (Diamond) surrendered, CyanAdept (Praxisadept) surrendered, NavyAdept (Praxisadept) surrendered and PlumAdept (Praxisadept) died
Battle B3545, 46 turns. Demandred (Mark) surrendered, Khardek (Falgund) surrendered, Pearson (August) forfeited, Ocus (Pierre) surrendered, Spellbot (Marcus) surrendered, Funfactor (Sny) surrendered, FreckledMage (Xrayspecks) surrendered and LavenderAdept (Praxisadept) surrendered
Battle B3547, 42 turns. Hard (Diamond) won, Graendal (Mark) surrendered, BearClaw (Larry_g) surrendered, SunTannedMage (Xrayspecks) surrendered and IndigoAdept (Praxisadept) surrendered