Firetop Mountain Record for Rath


vs. Brice 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B17, 10 turns. Bigbouc (Brice) won and Rath (Rath) surrendered

vs. Con 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B73, 21 turns. Tigraine (Con) survived and Yoda (Rath) forfeited

vs. Msilbey 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B28, 6 turns. Dracos (Msilbey) won and Dragon (Rath) surrendered

vs. Tbc3 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B18, 2 turns. Sudodraken (Tbc3) survived and Slimeball (Rath) forfeited

vs. Thrawn 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B136, 6 turns. Adrien (Thrawn) won and Dragon (Rath) surrendered


Battle B10, 42 turns. Dasupous (Usagi) won, Hel (Larry_g) died, FatherMicke (Gedasm) died, Trice (T) surrendered, Raty (Rath) forfeited and Kibiras (Korvinas) forfeited
Battle B12, 30 turns. Charmander (Peanuthead) won, Hack (Larry_g) died, Kuniklo (Usagi) surrendered, Totem (T) surrendered and Mage (Rath) forfeited
Battle B32, 42 turns. Kolii (Ulrich) won, Jagar (Dormant) died, BearClaw (Larry_g) surrendered, Derfel (Owen) surrendered, Happybouc (Brice) surrendered, Mitskusas (Gedasm) died, Garak (Tbc3) forfeited and Slime (Rath) forfeited
Battle B49, 21 turns. Amy (Pierre) won, Mungo (Dormant) died, Reebouc (Brice) died, Melnom (Nom) surrendered, DragonSlayer (Rath) forfeited and Ciainikas (Korvinas) forfeited
Battle B132, 15 turns. Revenant (Stealthy) won, Tux (Thrawn) died and Dragongod (Rath) forfeited