Firetop Mountain Record for Raystonn


vs. Alarion 2/ 1/ 0

Battle B508, 7 turns. Nahema (Alarion) won and Raystonn (Raystonn) surrendered
Battle B512, 23 turns. Raystonn (Raystonn) won and Nahema (Alarion) died
Battle B847, 5 turns. Raistlin (Raystonn) won and Alarion (Alarion) surrendered

vs. Ballard 2/ 1/ 0

Battle B645, 32 turns. Raystonn (Raystonn) won and Ult (Ballard) surrendered
Battle B837, 15 turns. Xanthus (Ballard) survived and Dumbledore (Raystonn) forfeited
Battle B844, 22 turns. Dumbledore (Raystonn) won and Docboogie (Ballard) died

vs. Ben_dahur 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B533, 26 turns. Rincewood (Ben_dahur) won and Dumbledore (Raystonn) surrendered

vs. Brice 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B542, 20 turns. Bouc1 (Brice) won and Dumbledore (Raystonn) surrendered
Battle B691, 14 turns. Bouc1 (Brice) won and Dumbledore (Raystonn) surrendered

vs. Calmon 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B813, 11 turns. Xamorra (Calmon) won and Dumbledore (Raystonn) surrendered

vs. Con 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B536, 43 turns. Meran (Con) won and Sirius_Black (Raystonn) died

vs. Docboogie 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B810, 13H turns. Dumbledore (Raystonn) won and Freki (Docboogie) surrendered

vs. Effendi 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B615, 20 turns. Sirius_Black (Raystonn) won and Asmodis (Effendi) died

vs. Frederic 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B1488, 36 turns. Geek (Frederic) won and Raistlin (Raystonn) surrendered

vs. Msilbey 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B530, 12 turns. Armadi (Msilbey) won and Dumbledore (Raystonn) surrendered

vs. Pig 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B1551, 27 turns. Pig3 (Pig) won and Raistlin (Raystonn) died
Battle B1561, 18 turns. Pig5 (Pig) won and Raistlin (Raystonn) died

vs. Polo 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B528, 9 turns. Sirius_Black (Raystonn) won and Balthius (Polo) died

vs. Thalius 2/ 1/ 0

Battle B514, 5 turns. Raistlin (Raystonn) won and Vaguertay (Thalius) surrendered
Battle B517, 15 turns. Raistlin (Raystonn) won and Vaguertay (Thalius) surrendered
Battle B531, 14 turns. Thalius (Thalius) won and Dumbledore (Raystonn) died

vs. Ulrich 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B525, 33 turns. Skuld (Ulrich) won and Raistlin (Raystonn) died
Battle B662, 18 turns. Verdandi (Ulrich) won and Raystonn (Raystonn) died


Battle B518, 18 turns. Harry_Potter (Raystonn) won, DoubleD (Devild) died and Vaguertay (Thalius) surrendered
Battle B541, 23 turns. Morlock (Dormant) won, Raystonn (Raystonn) surrendered and MadMax (Stealthy) surrendered
Battle B563, 30 turns. Rand (Mark) won, Docb (Ballard) died, Daramyn (Haran) surrendered, Harry_Potter (Raystonn) died, Bettybouc (Brice) surrendered and Saruman (Alarion) surrendered
Battle B595, 42 turns. Moridin (Mark) won, Raistlin (Raystonn) died, Volp (Ulrich) surrendered, Fman (Pj) surrendered, Poisson (August) surrendered, Valisix (Elyas) surrendered, Dalendo (Txdohawk) forfeited and Lefty (Kyousten) surrendered
Battle B654, 31 turns. Bouc3 (Brice) won, Surreal (Ballard) surrendered, Salsa (Undutchable) surrendered, Stumpy (Hawklord) died, Sirius_Black (Raystonn) forfeited and Rohezal (Alarion) surrendered
Battle B725, 29 turns. Pearson (August) won, Gosset (August) surrendered, Fisher (August) surrendered, Dubouc2 (Brice) surrendered, Betha (Ulrich) surrendered, Dubouc1 (Brice) died, Moghedien (Mark) died, Dubouc3 (Brice) died, Rahvin (Mark) died, Gamma (Ulrich) died, Sammael (Mark) died, Asmon (Nexus) died, Osmon (Nexus) died, Alpha (Ulrich) died, Man3 (Pj) died, Man1 (Pj) died, SkullCracker (Undutchable) surrendered, SkullSmasher (Undutchable) forfeited, Digger (Ballard) surrendered, Peasant (Ballard) surrendered, Shahmat (Ballard) surrendered, Hollo (Terje) forfeited, Hallo (Terje) forfeited, Ismon (Nexus) forfeited, Hullo (Terje) forfeited, Man2 (Pj) died, SkullBreaker (Undutchable) died, Paladine (Raystonn) forfeited, Raystonn (Raystonn) forfeited and Sauron (Raystonn) forfeited