Firetop Mountain Record for Scaler


vs. Beaslera 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B2177, 1 turns. RowBot (Beaslera) won and Qpqpqp (Scaler) surrendered

vs. Grimreaper 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B1715, 7 turns. Qpqpqp (Scaler) survived and Grim (Grimreaper) forfeited

vs. Neonelf 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B2175, 2 turns. Knoll_Hands (Neonelf) won and Eala (Scaler) surrendered

vs. Pj 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B1654, 17 turns. Hman (Pj) won and Gortmond (Scaler) died
Battle B2176, 2 turns. Bman (Pj) won and Abha (Scaler) surrendered

vs. Ramblingfool 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B1496, 25 turns. Twiddler (Ramblingfool) won and ODDS (Scaler) surrendered


Battle B1493, 25 turns. Snorky (Ac666a) won, Terres (Emu) surrendered, Gong (Calmon) surrendered, Turlutt (Wanka) surrendered, ProfessorPiiit (Pierre) died and Eala (Scaler) surrendered
Battle B1495, 36 turns. Jafar (Calmon) died, Khepera (Pierre) died, MadMax (Stealthy) died, Abha (Scaler) surrendered and Dman (Pj) surrendered
Battle B1625, 29T turns. LH (Sunkist) won, Maya (Frederic) surrendered, Pit2 (Pierre) surrendered, BradocWulfen (Mike) forfeited, Umo (Thrawn) died, Philalethes (Paracelsus) surrendered and ODDS (Scaler) surrendered
Battle B1649, 27 turns. BroddaTheEasterling (Sny) won, Amanda (Clearwater) died, Hub (Thrawn) died, Rule (Calmon) surrendered, Erioh (Gorby) died and Zukkuz (Scaler) surrendered
Battle B2137, 24 turns. Carla (Frederic) won, Sammael (Mark) surrendered, Hoofstoor (Sny) surrendered and Firetop (Scaler) surrendered
Battle B2164, 41 turns. Meleebouc (Brice) won, LeboucducapitaineHaddock (Brice) surrendered, Facet (Diamond) surrendered, Moghedien (Mark) died, Cold (Diamond) died, Belal (Mark) died, Oops (Madmike) surrendered, Fester (Madmike) died, Chriusha (Pj) forfeited, Stepashka (Pj) forfeited, ODDS (Scaler) surrendered and Nisior (Scaler) surrendered