Firetop Mountain Record for Sharkey


vs. Marcus 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B3334, 22 turns. Geller (Marcus) won and Biliktu (Sharkey) surrendered


Battle B3374, 24 turns. Aman (Pj) won, Pintacle (Stealthy) died, Dragon (Larry_g) died, Igor (Falgund) died, Pear (Diamond) died, Moses (Turbo) died, Thox (Madmike) died, Troglodyte (Brice) died, Aginor (Mark) died, Sackerr (Sny) died, Angela (Clearwater) died, Asira (Darkfire) died, Grucho (Frederic) died, Biliktu (Sharkey) died, YES (Yuval) died, Samantha (Pierre) died, Sorrow (Ulrich) surrendered, ThinkBZ (Gedasm) died, Vannor (Gorby) died, CharlesDexterWard (Marcus) surrendered, Wyldmelee2 (Wyldstrike) surrendered, Mago (Thrawn) surrendered and GapToothedMage (Xrayspecks) surrendered
Battle B3444, 31 turns. Vman (Pj) surrendered, Wman (Pj) surrendered, Uman (Pj) surrendered, Point (Diamond) surrendered, Okkodai (Sharkey) surrendered, Temujin (Sharkey) died, Vortex (Diamond) died, Arigaba (Sharkey) died, Focus (Diamond) died, MauveAdept (Praxisadept) surrendered, PinkAdept (Praxisadept) surrendered, WellDressedMage (Xrayspecks) surrendered, AlbinoMage (Xrayspecks) surrendered, OrangeAdept (Praxisadept) surrendered, BaldMage (Xrayspecks) surrendered, Fjord (J__wocky) forfeited, Junky (J__wocky) forfeited and PitViper (J__wocky) forfeited
Battle B4309, 30 turns. MortSubite (Pierre) died, Qoshila (Sharkey) died, Centac (Hrogers) died, Xman (Pj) died, Trinity (Matrix) surrendered, Varaldur (Darkfire) died, NeonKnoll (Neonelf) surrendered and Jammergat (Sny) surrendered
Battle B4679, 29 turns. Okkodai (Sharkey) won, AlFarsud (Gorby) died, Winds (Diamond) surrendered, Fodder_One (Lurch) died, Buck (Hrogers) surrendered and Kulgan (Sny) surrendered