Firetop Mountain Record for Spellcaster


vs. August 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B1911, 14 turns. DeMoivre (August) won and Wolf_Killer (Spellcaster) died
Battle B1920, 37 turns. DeMoivre (August) won and Wolf_killer (Spellcaster) surrendered

vs. Con 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B1891, 12 turns. Thalia (Con) won and Spell_killer (Spellcaster) surrendered

vs. Frederic 0/ 3/ 0

Battle B1900, 12 turns. Merlin (Frederic) won and Spell_killer (Spellcaster) surrendered
Battle B1915, 27 turns. Merlin (Frederic) won and Spell_killer (Spellcaster) surrendered
Battle B1924, 12 turns. Merlin (Frederic) won and Spell_killer (Spellcaster) surrendered

vs. Gorby 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B1905, 9 turns. Heor (Gorby) won and Hand_Weaver (Spellcaster) surrendered

vs. Morecai 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B2333, 27 turns. Darth_wolf (Spellcaster) won and SetoKaiba (Morecai) died

vs. Wolfance 1/ 1/ 0

Battle B1908, 21 turns. Wolf_Killer (Spellcaster) won and True_Wolf (Wolfance) died
Battle B2638, 19 turns. WolfTeacher (Wolfance) won and Darth_wolf (Spellcaster) surrendered


Battle B1904, 28 turns. Polyrem (Gorby) won, Demandred (Mark) died, Vic (Sny) surrendered, Lord (Calmon) died, Robot_One (Pierre) surrendered and Darth_Wolf (Spellcaster) surrendered
Battle B1926, 22 turns. Bman (Pj) won, Erioh (Gorby) died, Archer01 (Sny) died, WolfCaster (Wolfance) died, Wolf_killer (Spellcaster) died and Tragorn (Calmon) died
Battle B1981, 60 turns. Bouc3 (Brice) won, Dirk_the_Daring (Lurch) died, Iman (Pj) surrendered, Wolfbuster2 (Wolfance) surrendered, Fluffy (Bram) died, Hoc (Kwil) surrendered, Regis (Thrawn) surrendered and Hand_Weaver (Spellcaster) died
Battle B2224, 28 turns. Blackwolf (Wolfance) won, Darth_Wolf (Spellcaster) died, SetoKaiba (Morecai) died and Aman (Pj) died
Battle B2312, 20 turns. Spell_killer (Spellcaster) won, Blackwolf (Wolfance) surrendered and SetoKaiba (Morecai) died