Firetop Mountain Record for Undutchable


vs. Brice 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B622, 13 turns. Happybouc (Brice) won and Fluffy (Undutchable) surrendered

vs. Gedasm 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B623, 18 turns. Oldmicke (Gedasm) won and FireWill (Undutchable) died

vs. Jeff 0/ 4/ 0

Battle B850, 20 turns. Nevyn (Jeff) won and Fluffy (Undutchable) died
Battle B862, 15 turns. Nevyn (Jeff) won and FoamHead (Undutchable) surrendered
Battle B863, 23 turns. Nevyn (Jeff) won and FoamHead (Undutchable) surrendered
Battle B925, 29 turns. Nevyn (Jeff) won and FoamHead (Undutchable) died


Battle B626, 42 turns. Meleebouc (Brice) won, Kolii (Ulrich) surrendered, Gadgeto (Pierre) surrendered, Morlock (Dormant) died, Vriezer (Undutchable) died and GMicke (Gedasm) forfeited
Battle B654, 31 turns. Bouc3 (Brice) won, Surreal (Ballard) surrendered, Salsa (Undutchable) surrendered, Stumpy (Hawklord) died, Sirius_Black (Raystonn) forfeited and Rohezal (Alarion) surrendered
Battle B725, 29 turns. Pearson (August) won, Gosset (August) surrendered, Fisher (August) surrendered, Dubouc2 (Brice) surrendered, Betha (Ulrich) surrendered, Dubouc1 (Brice) died, Moghedien (Mark) died, Dubouc3 (Brice) died, Rahvin (Mark) died, Gamma (Ulrich) died, Sammael (Mark) died, Asmon (Nexus) died, Osmon (Nexus) died, Alpha (Ulrich) died, Man3 (Pj) died, Man1 (Pj) died, SkullCracker (Undutchable) surrendered, SkullSmasher (Undutchable) forfeited, Digger (Ballard) surrendered, Peasant (Ballard) surrendered, Shahmat (Ballard) surrendered, Hollo (Terje) forfeited, Hallo (Terje) forfeited, Ismon (Nexus) forfeited, Hullo (Terje) forfeited, Man2 (Pj) died, SkullBreaker (Undutchable) died, Paladine (Raystonn) forfeited, Raystonn (Raystonn) forfeited and Sauron (Raystonn) forfeited