Firetop Mountain Record for Usagi


vs. Alarion 2/ 0/ 0

Battle B675, 13 turns. Shafan (Usagi) won and Borbarad (Alarion) surrendered
Battle B699, 43 turns. Shafan (Usagi) won and Rohal (Alarion) surrendered

vs. August 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B689, 14 turns. Bayes (August) won and Shafan (Usagi) surrendered

vs. Ballard 2/ 0/ 0

Battle B670, 12 turns. Knyn (Usagi) won and Shahmat (Ballard) surrendered
Battle B684, 24 turns. Shafan (Usagi) won and Docboogie (Ballard) surrendered

vs. Con 1/ 2/ 0

Battle B840, 20 turns. Shafan (Usagi) won and Meran (Con) surrendered
Battle B852, 21 turns. Meran (Con) won and Shafan (Usagi) surrendered
Battle B1724, 34 turns. Meran (Con) won and Kuniklo (Usagi) surrendered

vs. Diamond 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B2962, 22 turns. Refracted (Diamond) won and Rabbit (Usagi) surrendered

vs. Frederic 1/ 3/ 0

Battle B1193, 22 turns. Kuniklo (Usagi) won and Cindy (Frederic) surrendered
Battle B1214, 31T turns. Cindy (Frederic) won and Kuniklo (Usagi) surrendered
Battle B1235, 24 turns. Carlos (Frederic) won and Shafan (Usagi) died
Battle B1725, 24 turns. Zippo (Frederic) won and Knyn (Usagi) surrendered

vs. Gedasm 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B985, 37 turns. Shafan (Usagi) survived and Gaba (Gedasm) forfeited

vs. Haggai 2/ 0/ 0

Battle B1254, 15 turns. Kuniklo (Usagi) won and Quad (Haggai) surrendered
Battle B1303, 4 turns. Kuniklo (Usagi) survived and Quad (Haggai) forfeited

vs. Jeff 5/ 0/ 1

Battle B492, 19 turns. Dasupous (Usagi) won and Fizban (Jeff) surrendered
Battle B721, 13 turns. Kuniklo (Usagi) won and Ogion (Jeff) surrendered
Battle B841, 47 turns. Dasupous (Usagi) won and Haplo (Jeff) surrendered
Battle B884, 22 turns. Dasupous (Usagi) won and Haplo (Jeff) died
Battle B912, 28 turns. Dasupous (Usagi) won and Ogion (Jeff) surrendered
Battle B1123, 46 turns. Nevyn (Jeff) died and Dasupous (Usagi) died

vs. Pierre 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B452, 34 turns. Kuniklo (Usagi) won and Plutonium (Pierre) surrendered

vs. Pj 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B342, 17 turns. Aman (Pj) won and Bouquin (Usagi) surrendered

vs. Snow 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B908, 19 turns. Shafan (Usagi) won and Caliban (Snow) died

vs. Sunkist 3/ 1/ 0

Battle B540, 26 turns. Khargosh (Usagi) won and Sunkist (Sunkist) surrendered
Battle B544, 18 turns. Sunkist (Sunkist) won and Khargosh (Usagi) died
Battle B1687, 41 turns. Kuniklo (Usagi) won and BH (Sunkist) died
Battle B1705, 14 turns. Kuniklo (Usagi) won and RH (Sunkist) surrendered

vs. Teeseepeeaipee 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B442, 5 turns. Dasupous (Usagi) survived and EssemTeepee (Teeseepeeaipee) forfeited


Battle B10, 42 turns. Dasupous (Usagi) won, Hel (Larry_g) died, FatherMicke (Gedasm) died, Trice (T) surrendered, Raty (Rath) forfeited and Kibiras (Korvinas) forfeited
Battle B12, 30 turns. Charmander (Peanuthead) won, Hack (Larry_g) died, Kuniklo (Usagi) surrendered, Totem (T) surrendered and Mage (Rath) forfeited
Battle B98, 36 turns. Rabbit (Usagi) died, Gadgeto (Pierre) surrendered and Transmute (T) surrendered
Battle B417, 49 turns. Funghi (Ulrich) won, 17 (Sunkist) died, Corleth (Yaron) died, Bouquin (Usagi) died, Gman (Pj) died, Heimdall (Thrawn) died, Neon (Pierre) died and Bouc2 (Brice) surrendered
Battle B483, 16 turns. Dasupous (Usagi) won, Ballard (Ballard) surrendered, Borbarad (Alarion) surrendered, Fman (Pj) surrendered and Slayer (D3mon) died
Battle B598, 52 turns. Dasupous (Usagi) won, MadMax (Stealthy) surrendered, Leah (Clearwater) died and Tybalt (Elyas) died
Battle B685, 28 turns. Knyn (Usagi) won, Fingers (Kyousten) died and Ged (Jeff) surrendered
Battle B822, 53 turns. Arangar (Mark) won, Revenant (Stealthy) died, Knyn (Usagi) surrendered and Shaidar (Elyas) surrendered
Battle B826, 48 turns. Kuniklo (Usagi) won, Osangar (Mark) surrendered, MadMax (Stealthy) surrendered and Fjord (Truenorth) died
Battle B909, 41 turns. Knyn (Usagi) won, Arangar (Mark) surrendered and Flora (Clearwater) died
Battle B1192, 27 turns. LeboucducapitaineHaddock (Brice) surrendered, LeProfesseurTournesol (Pierre) surrendered, Oldmicke (Gedasm) surrendered, Knyn (Usagi) surrendered, Mesaana (Mark) surrendered, Akur7 (Akur) died, Vildew (Tinman) died, CRMeleeWiz (Craigr) died and HippoGod (Rfk) died
Battle B1783, 41 turns. DoctorPiiit (Pierre) won, Knyn (Usagi) died, Vilnor (Thrawn) died and Brambo (Bram) surrendered
Battle B2069, 33 turns. Kolmogorov (August) won, Arangar (Mark) died, Maestro (Gedasm) died, Durandal (Pierre) died, Fodder_One (Lurch) died, Kuniklo (Usagi) died, Nman (Pj) died, Rule (Calmon) died, Betha (Ulrich) died, Grimm (Larry_g) died, Mago (Thrawn) surrendered, DevNull (Sny) died, Dubouc2 (Brice) died, Angela (Clearwater) died, Melnom (Nom) surrendered, Artus (Frederic) surrendered and AlFarsud (Gorby) died
Battle B3257, 89 turns. LeProfesseurTournesol (Pierre) won, Bedazzled (Diamond) died, PettyGuy (Falgund) surrendered, Gennosuke (Usagi) surrendered, SquirrelNutZipper (Squirrel) forfeited, Peasant (Kyarmentari) died, Getafix (Sny) surrendered and Quibble (Macro1970) surrendered