Firetop Mountain Spell Interactions

On this page I'll try to provide pointers to samples of some of the different spell interactions from actual games. Some of these will be well known to anyone who has completed a few games, while others surprised me after over 100 battles. This is a page I hope to add to over time, so if you have some suggestions for additions send them in.

Finger of Death, Magic Mirror, and Counter Spell Battle A1235 Round 11 Counter Spell is not much help defending against a Finger of Death
Battle A482 Round 11 But Magic Mirror can reflect it
Battle B127 Round 29 Unless the Magic Mirror is Countered.
Battle A825 Round 8 Remember to Counter the target to stop the Mirror...
Blindness on a Monster Battle A1464 Round 35 Monsters don't like being blinded. They don't even stick around to attack!
Invisibility on a Monster Battle A326 Round 19 Monsters don't like being invisible. They don't even stick around to attack!
Invisibility on an Elemental Battle A1049 Round 13 Elementals too!
Hitting an invisible target - without Time Stop Battle A943 Round 23 Magic Mirror to the rescue!
Haste and Time Stop Battle A463 Round 23 If Haste and Time Stop are cast on the same turn, which happens first? The Haste turn or the Time Stop turn?
Ice Storm and Fire Storm with an Elemental present Battle B563 Round 13 Ice Storm and Fire Storm cancel each other out, but how does the elemental react?